Thursday, January 5, 2017

Carole Wick, Raw Sienna and Me

"Satsuma Orange and Bosc Pear", 5 x 7, oil on Ampersand Gessobord

For a group of artists in New Britain, PA, the annual Christmas party in the home of Carole Wick is highly anticipated each year.  In addition to beautifully decorating her home for the holidays, Carole even decorates her barn, the summer space where she occasionally hosts classes taught by master artist Kass Morin Freeman.  In her eighties, Carole is sugar free, walks five miles every day, paints, knits, gardens, cooks and arranges her living space with the most creative hand I’ve ever seen. 

One Christmas, Carole knitted and felted lovely purses for each member of the group.  My purse was a beautiful raw sienna color because, she informed me, raw sienna is my favorite color.  Whoa!  Have you ever heard something so completely true about yourself, that you were completely unaware of, that was an important piece of who you are, that you never would have figured out unless someone told you?  Ever since, raw sienna and I have been committed, confirmed BFF’s.

Since I’ve moved to the city I haven’t attended the New Britain Art Group Christmas parties but raw sienna and I are going strong as ever, especially during this season when beautiful Bosc pears are at their best. And of course I’m fondly thinking of Kass, Carole, Donna, Barbara, Kathie, Mary Pat, Jolynn and missing Barbara White. 

Happy New Year, ladies!  

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