Monday, February 24, 2014

Two WInter Paintings

"Snowing Again", oil, 6 x 6"


"Sugan Road", oil, 6 x 6"


 I painted "Sugan Road" in early December, 2013.  It is the first snow of the season, the soft beauty of white sugaring every home, every road, every tree.  A few sweet December snows followed and then, we hoped, but there would be none to whiten Christmas Day.

Now February, winter is brutal. Outside my window red emergency lights flare and pale.   Heavy tree branches, ripped from their trunks by ice, die on the ground covered in snow white as hospital sheets.  Mountains of black snow like Bolshevik tanks force pedestrians and traffic into single-file lines along streets. The polar vortex freezes anything in its maw.

In "Snowing Again",  a lone barn hides from winter as its red color reveals it.  If not for paint, the landscape would barely have color at all.  Still, in the brief illumination of the golden hour all colors warm, if only for minutes, before temperatures plunge for the night.