Tuesday, December 20, 2016


"Savannah", oil on canvas, 6 x 6"

Savannah loves, and is very much loved by, Cynthia Roberts.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bosc Pear on Phoenix Bird Cup

Bosc Pear on Phoenix Bird Cup, 5 x 7", oil

Accepted, Philadelphia Sketch Club 154th  Annual Exhibition of Small Oil Paintings.

“After we have finished here
The world will continue its quiet turning.” 

-          Billy Collins, from the poem “While Eating A Pear”

Tree at Lemon Hill

Tree at Lemon Hill, 5 x 7, oil

"Buoyant, bizarrely benign. Relics
Of an outmoded design. Some like to imagine
A cosmic mother watching through a spray of stars,”

- Tracy Smith, from “My God, It’s Full of Stars”

My paintings can now be found in the the charming shop of the Mt. Airy Art Garage at 6622 Germantown Ave in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. If you stop in, I guarantee you will meet the nicest people and see fabulous art, jewelry, handmade clothing, leatherwork, art books, quilts and much more.  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lemon Hill Mansion at Christmas

"Lemon Hill Mansion at Christmas", 5 x 7", oil


A Very Philly Christmas! This lovely little painting found a new home while on display at Lemon Hill Mansion for Neighbors Day.  The mansion is beautifully decorated in a Mummers theme. The Holiday House Tours are a beautiful Philly tradition.  

Click the link for tour info: A Very Philly Christmas