Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"South" accepted Philadelphia Sketch Club Small Oil Show!

"South" has just been accepted into the Philadelphia Sketch Club Small Oil Painting Show!  Of course I'm thrilled, especially because this is my first entry into a show in the city.  So many good thoughts are running 'round my head: hmmm, can I list them all? First this painting captures an unexpected lovely night out on the town with Husband and Daughter.  We were overjoyed with our good fortune at being seated in the jazz section, which normally requires a ticket, because the restaurant was overbooked.   But more than that, this painting captures what we love about being in the city - just being able to pop in and find excellent quality fun after 9PM on a Thursday night.  And we have another such night in our future, to be sure, when Spring Term is over, Husband will be finished teaching and daughter will have completed her term. When I fetch them for a ride home on that night, where will we head?  South, of course! 

I posted this painting a while back and made a few changes.  I darkened and warmed up the beams surrounding the stage and removed the onstage microphone.  I posted this one on that page for a Before and After view. 

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