Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"South", oil, 5x 7"

Before revisions

One night per week I pick up Husband after he teaches his trial advocacy class at Temple or Penn.  He says me picking him up is lot more fun than his former hour long commute on I-95 back to Bucks County.  Ya think?  After his first Spring Term class I fetched both him and Daughter (she’s a 2L at Temple Law, shameless mama brag) and we headed to South, a restaurant and jazz bar on Broad Street.  Lucky for us the restaurant section was packed, even on a Thursday night after 9 PM, so we were offered free seats in the ticketed jazz area just as the second set was beginning.   What a fabulous night we had!  Cool Saxophone, melt in your mouth Southern cooking and a glass of wine – can you think of a finer combination?  We can't! 

I use PhotoShop to proportion my photos.  For this painting I used a few reference photos. I made sure to place the sax player in just the right spot.In order to capture the soft interior lighting, I used opposite hues to gray the local colors. I also wanted to capture the soft glow of the candle on the table but not have it compete with the stage, which I hope I did. 

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